Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hi everyone,
we're back. Our internet useage is renewed for another month. A certain teenager spends alot of time chatting to her friends hours on end. Oh well what normal 15 year old wouldn't be.
Nothing much to say has happened in our little world apart from going to work and the usual mundane things you do in life.
I have just put a deposit down for helen to go to France in september for 12 days with her french class at school. AHHH! Alot of money. The trip was for 18 days but has been cut back to 12 days because of the expense and not enough girls going on the trip. If some more girls join the cost wiil come down a bit more. Helen is dissapointed it is shorter but i told her a least you get to go and maybe in years to come you may be able to go yourself.
I have been filling in the application form for a passport and go for the interview at the post office Thursday morning. We had her passport photo done and she is not happy because she was not allowed to smile. That is her personality always smiling. Back to school next monday.
I have been looking at everyone's blogs so haven't missed anything.
Hope to hear from you all soon.


Skeeter said...

Glad you're back and renewed :-)

Helen will love Europe. I just got back from a trip overseas. It was expensive there because our dollar has so little value these days, but other than that, it was a good trip. Hope she enjoys the visit!

Cecile said...

Welcome back. We have missed you all. I am glad Helen is getting to go to France, it will be a wonderful experience for her. I wish I were as lucky as she. Have a wonderful week.

bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
am glad to see you back! I thought you are busy reading mails :))
what a wonderful experience for Helen! i am so happy for her..
Have a beautiful day!

♥ & ((hugs))