Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rock Bands

Last night i went out with a friend from work to support her 16 year old son hear his band in a band competion at a hotel bar.
OMG was I educated!! It was so loud and the first band were a heavy metal band where the lead singer just screamed the so called lyrics. The other bands had a bit of rythum but it was still very loud. My friends son band won and they go into the grand final. My friend said she won't inflict that night on us.
The group of us who went Partners/men looked they would have been into this sort of music years ago said they weren't going back in it was too much for them although they come back when my friends band was on.
It got me thinking how we have all changed when all the young girls were all adoring the band players like in our days and times have not changed only we have.