Sunday, September 13, 2009


As some of you know Helen has had a bad time with wisdom teeth recovery. We went back last week to see the surgeon at his rooms in the city. It was lucky we went when we did as the infection was getting nasty. This was the third time we had been back to have the area cleaned. The other two times he just cleaned it from the top of the gum,this time he had to make an incision into the gum and clean deeper and put a stitch back in again. So she is back to where she was two months ago after the first surgery. Helen said at least it is only one side of pain and the face being swollen.So of course she can't play her french horn and she has exams later in the month and she is getting worried.
I have sprained my elbow at work and the doctor gave me two days off work and work is being sent the account from him.
Helen and i have only 9 days before we leave for Sydney and i have only to work Monday to Friday this week before i go to Sydney for some R & R. Yippee!!