Monday, July 20, 2009

Where I have been

I haven't been commenting as our computer got a really bad virus and we had to buy a new tower. First it went to be cleaned at a computer shop and within 24hrs of getting it back we had the virus. According to the computer guy it was choking the windows and was well and truly damaged.
Not only that but when this PC guy was due i tripped myself up our back step and trying not to fall had no where else to go but into the back wall where i hit the front of my head. I was wearing my reading glasses and managed to cut the top of my eyelid as well. So i have a technicolour bruise on my arm and knees and a big lump on my head. The PC man arrived five minutes later to be greeted by me looking bloodied and a throbbing head. Suzanne when i fell i thought of you with all your falls you have had occasionally.
I am putting in for holidays for September school holidays so Helen and i can go to Sydney for a few days. Helen wants to go back for old times sake as she went with my father and stepmother when she was young and wants to go on a ferry ride and other things. Also my birth mother has invited us to visit her at a place called Halidays Point which she tells me is about a 2 hour drive from Newcastle. I haven't seen her since Helen was three years old although we keep in touch. I'm just waiting to get approval for my leave and then i will start planning. Mark will stay home to look after the cats and i can't afford 3 of us to go. I was missing not being able to comment on your blogs. It is strange how you want to keep up with what everybody is doing.

Each time after i visit the "Moaning and Mournful" blog i lose the sidebar on my Blog, "Joyful Jo" for a while and then it re-appears. Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do about it. As you can see i just choose another template and hope for the best.