Saturday, April 18, 2009

That was the week that was.

Well Easter has come and gone. The 4 days' break that i was hanging out for since Christmas were pleasant. Helen was going to a Planet Shakers conference that was from Monday to Thursday. Unfortunately, she only lasted 1 day. She started shivering at the conference and went to the first aid office where she saw out the rest of the night and got back to her friend's place at midnight and woke the next morning feeling terrible. She stayed the morning at their place with her friend's mother until i got home. She walked in with a flushed face, showing she had a temperature and was unable to attend the rest of the week's conference. On Wednesday she made an appointment for the doctor to be told there weren't any appointments available until for 4pm Thursday! I was livid! I told Mark when he arrived home from work on Wednesday evening. Mark rang the Clinic to complain that Helen was sick and that Helen have to wait to see someone until well over 24hrs after she rang. The receptionist spoke to our doctor and said he will see her at 11.30 next morning. It turned out to be a throat infection and she is now on antibiotics and feeling a lot better.
Helen goes back to school on Monday and is glad she was sick in the holidays rather than during school time when she would have to catch up.
I now have a very sore neck that started last Monday. I went to a physiotherapist on Wednesday who manipulated my neck and i came out in more pain than when i went in.
This morning,(Sat)I made an appointment in a nearby suburb to see a doctor knowing we wouldn't get in at our usual doctors. I was told it was muscular and he gave me a script for panadeine forte and a doctors certificate for Monday and Tuesday. This is the first time in two years i have been unable to go to work! I have been employed for two years next month but only 6 months as permanent part time so i am now able to get sick leave and holidays but i feel i have to start all over again with getting sick leave.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well here it is a cottage repaired with new weatherboards. As we thought, the carpenters found things that needed repairing. Three stumps replaced as they were rotten, and also a rafter in the roof as well.
Polo,our cat, enjoyed the new space that was under the house and was watching the world go by.
All that is left to be done is the painting!