Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi everyone,
Thought i better put in a new post as i looked and noticed i hadn't posted for 2 weeks. As you saw our cat Polo has been in the wars and now back to his old self asking for food and enjoying being outdoors again. He is not staying out long and wanting to come in a lot during the day.It is winter and being outside is not too pleasant at the moment.
I have been working everyday this week. We have a new c.e.o start last Monday I have only seen her in passing but she hasn't been around to meet all her staff.
On Thursday one of the residents fell over in her room while i was making her bed, i pressed the assist button and waited for staff to come and assist her. I waited and waited called out down the passageway still no sign of anyone and eventually i decided to go to the office and saw the head charge nurse who went down to the resident. At the same time other personal carers arrived and one of them said to me" next time press the assist button" as she looked up and saw the light on said "oh you did". Trying to cover themselves for the charge nurse.

BTW Do you like Polo's mono-brow?


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today we took Polo to the vet because he had a swelling on his head. He had fluid on his head from a bite and he had to have it drained. He is back home and well but not too happy about having a collar-buster around his neck.