Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day Sale

Hi everyone,

I have been looking at all your posts and comments.
Hope you all had a merry Christmas?
Helen and I went to the boxing day sales because Helen wanted a portable d.v.d.
we found one at a well known electrical goods store (not Harvey Norman). When we went to plug it in it didn't start. I was already wary of this store as i had an experience once before with a computer dvd which worked for a few minutes then nothing. We had taken it back to the salesman who took it out the back to test it and then came back out and said that it was working fine. He wouldn't let us see it working on a computer and because we had already opened the package we couldn't have our money back or an exchange. This is so stupid as to find out if it is faulty you would have to try it first!
Needless to say i was worried we would have problems.
We went back the next morning and the man looked at it closely and said their was fingerprints on it. Mind you we had it for less than 24 hours. Mark said of course there was, we had to open the lid after all. Sure enough he sent it out the back to test it. Guess what? He said it was working! Mark said what about the charger and the man plugged it in and it didn't come on so we were right, yay!.
So they got another charger from another box and yes it did worked.
What was strange was that he could have given us a new box and kept ours. The store manager asked him why he didn't do that too. He just gave her a look and said he only needed to replace the faulty charger because our dvd player was working okay. Therefore I think the same thing happened to some one else earlier. Because we got a faulty charger with the dvd player that we purchased. The box had already been opened.
I have heard a lot of complaints about this store. They are very reluctant to give you your money back.