Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi everyone.

We were thrilled to hear Helen has been made music captain for this year at her high school. Helen is in year 10 (middle school) this year.I am not training to be a pca the other lady who has been cleaning is and i am cleaning on mondays & wednesdays and any other days she does pca work. Not much doing today apart from Helen forgetting to take her french horn to school and i had to go to the school to give it to her.I also cleaned a lady's house this afternoon otherwise a bit of catching up with chores at home.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hi everyone, well here i am with my very own blog. After a lot of setting up i am finally on. Today is Helen's 15th birthday. (25th Feb). It doesn't seem like 15 years ago she was born. Time has flown by so quickly and already halfway through high school. My job is back to 2 days a week although three days this week. I'm hoping to get more days as the the lady i will eventually take over has been training to become a personel care assistant and has finished but is still doing cleaning as well as doing PCA work. She is getting tired of doing both. I work in an aged care hostel and been there 9 months. Iwas working every day (weekdays) over Christmas filling in while the other cleaner had 5 weeks off. The reason there is another cleaner is the hostel is divided in half , she does one half i do the side which is 2 storey with the top a dementia unit where they have their own kitchen where i sometimes fill in on other days. I also sell Avon Products. This is my 10th year.,although business is not exactly booming in fact i'm not making any money at the moment. My customers are reluctant to buy after christmas. I'm also a team leader which is becoming more of a nuisance as they expect team leaders to do more for the company voluntary.Avon doesn't give much away for nothing. 'Bye for now, Jo.