Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi everyone.

We were thrilled to hear Helen has been made music captain for this year at her high school. Helen is in year 10 (middle school) this year.I am not training to be a pca the other lady who has been cleaning is and i am cleaning on mondays & wednesdays and any other days she does pca work. Not much doing today apart from Helen forgetting to take her french horn to school and i had to go to the school to give it to her.I also cleaned a lady's house this afternoon otherwise a bit of catching up with chores at home.


bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
Congrats on Helen's achievement!
Hope you had a good day!
convey my regards to Mark and Helen!
Love to you and family.

Suzanne said...

Honey, why did I think Helen was home schooled. I got something confused, didn't I? Good Lord!

Well, nothing like spending money on gas to transport a French Horn. The French...they are so demanding! They can't be taken, they must be driven. I heard on the news today that oil per barrel has reached over over $100. We'll all soon be walking.

Helen! Congrats on making music captian. We knew you had it in you.

And Helen, are you working too hard? I know cleaning is a lot of effort and then you still have to come home and take care of your own house and family. I'm thinking about you. Really.

Love that you have a blog. I enjoy coming here.

Love you dear. Please tell Mark I'll write soon. I'm still playing catch-up.

Have a beautiful weekend.
XO Suze

kylie said...

hi jo,
congrats to helen.
@suze: yes, the french are a hassle alright, our car is a peugeot so i know all about it. having said that i must say that once she's going she's a beautiful thing
back to jo....have a good weekend

Cecile said...

I know that you and Mark are very proud of Helen. As are the rest of us. We have all adopted you guys as our family. It's like you and Mark are our Sister and Brother and Helen is our neice. I hope you had a lovely day and tomorrow is even better.

Gig said...

Dear Jo,
Congrats to all of you on Helen being named music capitan! I enjoy coming to visit my family from the other side of the world. I agree with Cecile. I feel as if I have another brother, sister and neice.
Take care, hope you have great week.
hugs and love,