Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a good weekend? We have come back from going to hospital for Mark to have a MRI Scan on his knee for a study by Melbourne Uni. We got there on time and were seen straight away. This was the last scan to done. Unfortunately for us, after the scan, they wanted Mark to fill out a questionnaire that took 40 minutes to complete. Melbourne Uni has almost completed a year's research on his left knee. The study should finish in May '08. We had intened to look at the shops afterwards. The shops are the clearance/factory outlet types and would have been nice to look through. But we had to get back home early because Helen had a party to go to and had to get ready.

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bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
am sorry to hear you had spent a long time in hospital..
Hope you had a good day today...
am sending some rain for you and family....(it is raining now) :)
♥ & ((hugs))