Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ahh...! relief the hot weather is over for now. Happy Easter to everyone there in bloggerland.

Helen & I have been to our local shopping centre (Saturday morning) and it was really crowded! You would think the shops had been closed for a week not one day for Good Friday.
I have been told by someone that our district sales manager had been giving the team leaders updates for avon but i have't been receiving them. Mark finally agreed with me when I thought I was not getting any other emails as well. So rang ISP Help Desk and now the problem has now been fixed. I discovered there was 33 emails waiting for me. The lady on the phone said to Mark, "You won't be popular with your wife now. "
School Holidays are on now for Easter & end of term. Schools get 2 weeks holidays including Easter and go back early April. Helen & I are going to see " The Other Boleyn" movie tomorrow. Has anyone else seen this movie?


bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
Hope you, Mark and Helen had a beautiful Easter!

wow when you get time to check all those mails?

please visit me and pick your award :)
♥ & ((hugs))

Skeeter said...

Hi Jo!

I followed a link from Bindi through to your blog. It's a very nice blog.

Best wishes.

Suzanne said...

I love that my two favorite people are here. Have you read Skeeter's blog. It's too funny. He received an award recently and responded as if he was getting an Oscar! I laughed way, way, way too hard. You probably will too. Have Mark read it as well.

Honey...that's alot of emails. I hope you made some money!

It's often hard to believe that we're just starting our year and yours in ending. We don't celebrate Christmas at the same time, do we? That's okay, I like the idea of receiving Christmas cards early, and if possible, a modest gift!!! ;) Twice.

Love to my favorite family,
Suze XO

Have a great week Jo. Love you.