Sunday, April 5, 2009

Well here it is a cottage repaired with new weatherboards. As we thought, the carpenters found things that needed repairing. Three stumps replaced as they were rotten, and also a rafter in the roof as well.
Polo,our cat, enjoyed the new space that was under the house and was watching the world go by.
All that is left to be done is the painting!


Joyful Jo said...

Just realised Mark scowling on the front porch because he thought i didn't take the photo at the right angle.

kylie said...

i saw him there but didnt see the scowl. the angle seems ok to me, except for that cranky lookin bloke on the porch :)
it all looks as neat as a new pin, jo and weatherboard has a special charm.
how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo and Mark!

It's looking great- hope they didn't leave too much mess for you to clear up.

I noticed Mark on the porch, but didn't see the scowl. Perhaps he's thinking about all the painting he has to do?

Your kitty looks so content with her (his?) nice cool den under the house :)

Mrsupole said...

Hi Jo,
I see Mark, but I am not sure if he is scowling or just happy to be in the picture. The reno's look great. Kitty sure is happy there. I hope that Fall is nice and cool for you all. We have been in the 70's here lately. Still not much rain. Just days of sprinkles here and there. Just enough to grow the brush and weeds.

Anyway I planted some cherry tomatoes in some pots, I did not start them from seeds, hubby went to Home Depot and bought the plants. I do not know if they sell the Topsy Turvey thingy down there, but it is where you grow your tomatoes in a hanging planter that hangs upside down. I bought one of those (saw it at the pharmacy) and also put two tomato plants in it. So far the plants have grown an inch. Will see how it does. But the ones in the pots are doing okay too. The Topsy thing also says you can grow cucumbers too. I am thinking about buying another one. I would love to grow some English Cumcumbers, but I am not sure if they grow here in our heat.

I used to have a vegetable garden years ago and then I stopped after a few years because I never grew anything very well. Our soil is that hard as a rock clay kind. They were selling bags of worm casings at Costco and I saw on the Home and Garden Channel that worms can turn our soil into regular soil. So I want to try a little area to see what happens. Our front yard has some worms in it. The few times it rains, I check the cement to see if any worms have crawled onto it and then I put them far into the yard so they cannot find the cement to dry out and die after the rain stops.

Anyway I was looking on your sidebar and it says I have not posted for 3 months. I have been posting every day, so I hope you know this. I am not sure why it is messing up. It could be the URL from that one post, not the main site.

Anyway, just wanted to stop on by and say Hi.

I miss you visiting. I see Mark is getting a little more active. will stop by there soon.

God bless.

Suzanne said...

Hey Jo!!!

I love you darling and thanks for your visit at the Wild Onion. How'd my blog end up there? Life is so wacky.

The house looks terrific. Mark looks grumpy! Perhaps he needs a "makeover!" (Kitty is perfect of course.)

Love you darling and thanks for always dropping by.


P.S. Mrsupole, I can't comment on your blog because you have a Google comment page. Yes, I got the message and loved it. Will get back to you, but on my blog. Okay? Sorry about that. Just ask Mark. I can't comment on his pager either. Perhaps that's why he looks grumpy!!!

Suzanne said...

Hey you guys, don't forget it's Robyn's birthday today. Okay, it's're a day late. I couldn't post at the Wild Onion because Megan posted and I didn't want to walk all over her post. Say hello if you have a minute or two.

How all is well in beautiful Aussie Land.

XO Moi!

Suzanne said...

I love you.

Cece said...

Hi Jo

Cece said...

just dropping in to say hi.