Sunday, March 29, 2009

renovations (finally!)

These are before photos of the front of our house which are going to be replaced starting on Tuesday morning. The carpenters expect to be here for about three days. I will give you updates on the progress later in the week. The power lines and internet cables will be taken down on Wednesday for a day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!

Oh good luck with the work- hope it all goes smoothly and that you don't have to be too long without power. We get so used to having power, hard to imagine life without it. I will be camping in June, so will have a reminder then!

Say 'hi' to Mark- hope he is well, missing his blog :)

kylie said...

i will look forward to the after photos!

hope you are doing great, getting to the computer sometimes, not working too hard.

say g'day to mark for me

Gig said...

Hi Jo,
I will be watching for the post renovation pics...
It will be like camping, when you are without power. I love to camp...but at home I really like to have my power,lol!!
Take care and chat soon.

Tell Mark, hello and Helen!!


Suzanne said...

Darling, I'm going to have to return to read this because I'm in a race against time to rally the vote over at Just Bob's. The girls really need you. CSI's pulling ahead and every vote counts. There isn't much time left so if you see this please drop by and vote your conscience. Vote for Mark as well. Even Helen. That's three legal votes!!! HURRY!