Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dear Kylie,
re your post about dresses for your girls although i don't know how old your girls are. Helen has bought a dress for a friend's 15th birthday party recently with her own money. We thought it was nice.


kylie said...

hi jo (and helen)
this is a beautiful dress and just perfectly age appropriate.
i especially love the colour and the applique.
my girls are nearing ten and i dont want them to dress like tiny tots but i dont want to see them in anything too grown up either. it's that famously difficult "tween" age. ah well, in a few years time they will be able to wera grown up stuff and i'll probably mourn their childhood. that seems to be the way of parenting!
love to all

and helen, i'm impressed that you bought this yourself! didnt you go to "pester school" ?

kylie said...

by the way, i really like the look of your place in the photo....i like the relaxed feel, the gum trees and the lack of a fence.
very nice

Gig said...

Hi Jo,
Beautiful picture of Helen, I love the dress. I love the color and style.

I had not thought of "pester school", but will have to remember it for future reference!!

Have a great week Jo!


Suzanne said...

Helen looks so beautiful! The dress is perfect. Can you believe you and Mark created that beautiful child!? How lucky you are.

Remember when we were back in high school? There was a lot of polyester!!! I remember my prom dresses and just cringe. I look at Helen and think "How lovely." I remember my dresses and think "OH-My-God!" Thank goodness times have changed.

Love your blog. You wrote a comment on another blog about your duck. I read it a few weeks ago and I LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much for that one.

Honey, if you have time, stop by the Cafe and wish Robyn a Happy Birthday (this is a rough one for her). I signed your name and Helen's name to the card. Have a cupcake and enjoy yourself. Leah made hot chocolate too! If you stop by I promise not to swear for a whole day! Seriously!

Love to all,
Suze XO