Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi everyone,
Here are two photos of our sasanqua camelia.
I really didn't expect any flowers this year. Seeing as the drought has just about killed it.


Suzanne said...

Hi honey, I just commented on the previous post, so take a look when you have time (Helen is gorgeous!).

I'm happy you have a wee bloom. If I had to go through a drought I'd just die. You know how much I love the garden. We didn't get alot of rain this winter, so I am concerned, but hopefully everything will be okay. I turn on the hose and water still comes out. That's a good thing!

I'll take some photos of the garden in the next few weeks. Everything is so lovely and the roses are exploding. I hope your roses survived.

Love you dear and sorry I don't get here as often as I'd like. I'm always playing catch up. Just know I think of you, Helen and Mark so often, and thank you for being dear friends. Hope work is going well

Much love,

Cecile said...

Well, I think your tree is beautiful. Trust me if I would package up some of our water and send your way, I would. Have a great week and stay stafe.

bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
Hope you, Mark, Helen and the kitties having a beautiful day!
I am so sorry I took this long to get back to you...
You have a beautiful tree..thanks for sharing that little bloom with us...
♥ & ((hugs))