Friday, April 4, 2008

hi Everyone,
Just letting you all know that we are all safe and sound after the big wind storm. As Mark said, it was very rough. I thought because Autumn is here this was the normal stong winds to be expected. Little did I know that it was the tail end of a cyclone from Western Australia. Their cyclones don't usually come to the east coast of Australia as they generally blow away before they get here. I went to work in the morning thinking our old Wattle tree won't be standing by the time I come home but no, not a limb missing;but looked to the neighbours and their tree (don't know the name of tree) had fallen over with roots pulled out of the ground. Their internet line across the road pulled down by the tree. Helen used to climb that tree when she was little and remembered when the previous owner had planted it. My tree dahlias have lost some small branches but rest is ok. Years ago we had a Malaleuca Gum tree where we have planted the wattle tree. This tree went when we had a lot of rain day after day.(those were the days of rain). I looked out the window and noticed the tree seemed to be moving down slightly and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when finally the whole tree crashed down to the ground. My father was sawing it up the next day and people passing by were saying how could you be chopping a lovely tree down . He was so annoyed about this he kept telling them it came down in the storm! As if he was doing it for the fun of it. Funny how memories come back to you.


Gig said...

Hi Jo,
I am so glad that you all are ok, the weather has been wicked just about everywhere. I guess I won't complain about the snow still being on the ground,lol.
It is slowly going away. The temp was around 50 today, heat wave!!
I hope everyone has a good weekend and not anymore windy weather.

When you have time, stop on over at Gigsville, I have something for you...hope you enjoy.


kylie said...

hi jo,
i'm glad you are ok and your garden lives on. i had to smile at the story about your dad, i have seen so many trees cut down needlessly that these days i probably just think "there they go again, probably dont like the leaves or something" i would rarely think that there might be a good reason for someone chopping up a tree :)
i guess i'm a cynic
enjoy your remaining weekend