Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi everyone,
Helen is very disappointed today as her France trip has been cancelled.
Not enough people paid the deposit by the deadline. I think only about 3 people paid. Her passport came in the mail the other day. Oh well at least it is valid for 5years.
Helen has an easy week at school. Yesterday was a teacher personal development day, no students. Today a half day because the teachers a striking because their pay is lower than other states in Australia. Tomorrow is parent /teacher interviews no students. Thursday they go to school and Friday is a public holiday. (Anzac Day) So they only go to school for 1 & half days out of 5 days. This is only Helen's school most will only have the public holiday off.


kylie said...

What a shame about the trip !
maybe having most of the week off will compensate a little?
a teeny bit?

love to all

bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
am sorry to hear Helen's trip is canceled..
there is so much opportunity to volunteer in different countries... some of the NGO's even pay for travel and living expenses...
If Helen is interested in something like that I will find the link..
Have a beautiful day Sweetie!
♥ & ((hugs))