Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is a picture of my happy wanderer over the arch way. It has taken many years to get to this size. Sadly the flowers are just finishing:

Here is a close up:

This our jasmine at our front door. The perfume is devine. It was here when we bought this place twenty-seven years ago. It has survived all these years despite Mark's heavy handed hacking. I remember when my parents came to visit and were aghast at Mark's handiwork. He wasn't forgiven until after it had started to grow again. ha ha ha lol


kylie said...

hi jo,
they're both fantastic plants, the happy wanderer is gorgeous looking and the jasmine is pretty but it's the smell that really makes it special.i'm not surprised it has survived hacking, jasmine seems to survive just about anything.
when i was a kid the side fence was covered in jasmine but we had to get rid of it because it really upset dad's hayfever. that was a sad day.
say g'day to mark. it's a good thing you're holding the fort for him here in blogland.
have a terrific weekend

Leah said...

Jasmine! You are SO lucky. Your flowers are beautiful.

Joyful Jo said...

Thanks Leah,
Yes it is really beautiful. The scent is still going. People coming to the front door just love the perfume.
Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Suzanne said...

Hi honey! We have both here in CA. And I have both in my garden. I failed to give one of the Jasmines a trellis so it latched on to a Nandina and the poor shrub is so heavy with vine it's almost to the ground. I have to remedy that next year! The Happy Wanderer is called something else here, but the name fails me at the moment. It has lovely flowers, but the vine doesn't really impress me. What do you think?

Hi Kylie!
Hi Leah!

XO Love you all!

Suzanne said...

Oh, forgot to mention, I'm impressed you've lived in you house for 27 years. Wow!

Gig said...

Hi Jo,
Love your flowers, wish I could smell the Jasmine. We are getting ready for that 4 letter word (snow) here in my part of the world. Lol!!
Right now it is just chilly mostly at night, the days are still nice...but probably not for long.

Take care, tell Helen and Mark hi!!