Sunday, August 24, 2008

When did my daughter become me as the mother?

Role reversal is happening.
Yesterday Helen and i were crossing our very busy road and i said "i can't see the cars coming!" because a 4 wheel drive was blocking my view.
Helen said, "don't worry." I can see," she says grabbing my sleeve. "when i say go, we go!".
Half way across I'm thinking oh my God, i just put all my trust into her hands and hoped that we would get across in time.
When did she grow up? It has happened in a blink of the eye.

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Gig said...

It is a scary moment isn't it?
Time is short, our kids become young adults right before our eyes. My daughter is grown, and now I am experiencing this with the grandaughters...

We have one that is going off to College this weekend, I remember all to vividly the night she was born...boy was I young then,lol.

Glad you made it across the road, just shows how well you taught her Jo!!

xo, gig