Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi everyone,
Been doing the rounds of every one's blogs and just thought I'd give you an update.
My step-mum is alright. She has left hospital after a week there and has gone to a rehab place for about ten days to recover. The stroke has given her a bit of dementia or it could be old age or a bit of both. Anyway apart from that she is going home next Tuesday.
I am having the one day off for a while and was really looking forward to it when the phone rang at 9pm last night asking if i could do the kitchen upstairs tomorrow which is our dementia unit. Naturally i said sorry i can't do tomorrow.
It is cold here so a nice relaxing day inside with the heater on will be nice.
We have been hearing about the fires in California and Australian firefighters are being sent over to help.
Thanks all of you for your concern with my step-mother.

Best wishes Jo.


Leah said...

Hi Jo! I'm glad to hear your stepmother is doing okay. And a day off is a wonderful thing! I still can't get used to the turned around seasons between Australia and America, though--funny to think of you by the heater--it's absolutely broiling in Brooklyn today...

bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
I took a bit long to be here.. some days are good some are...

am glad to hear your step mom doing good.
Have a beautiful day.
♥ & ((hugs))

kylie said...

hi jo,
hope you're havin a good weekend :)

Cecile said...

Thanks for the comments, sorry it has been a coons age since I've visted here. Tell Helen, that at the very bottom of my page there is a purple box that has the title and artists of the music that is on there. The song playing is highlighted a different shade of purple. I am very glad she liked it. Sorry if you didn't.

Suzanne said...


This will say the 19th, but I know in Aussie Land it's already the 20th. I hope you have a beautiful, relaxing day, filled with joy and love.

Big hug and smooch on the cheek!

Love ya,
PS ~ be sure to visit the Cafe ;)

Gig said...

Happy Birthday Jo!!
I hope you had a great day, and did not have to work to hard!!.

Sorry to be late, time change and everything, lol

xo, gig

bindhiya said...

Happy Birthday Jo!
wish you a beautiful day and many more years filled with love and happiness..
♥ & ((hugs))

Leah said...

Happy birthday, a bit late, but with best wishes nonetheless!

Joyful Jo said...

Thanks leah, bindi, gig and suze,
for birthday wishes. I had a low key day although i didn't have to do one room at work cause the resident passed away and our matinence man is sprucing the room up for the next resident. Will have to probably do it friday. Extra 1/2 hr overtime for that.
Just had a call from my brother who had of course forgotten. lol