Saturday, July 5, 2008

It is mid-winter here and this is a picture of our wattle tree in full flower.

Also last Thursday I got a call from my brother to say my stepmother had a mild stroke. She had a big stroke 18mths ago so this was not a surprise. She seems ok at the moment and is relieved that she dosn't need surgery again. We don't know how long she will be in hospital. Apparently she fell as she was saying goodbye to her daughter. The nurses think that she had the stroke after her fall.

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!!



kylie said...

the wattle is so cheering in winter, isnt it?
i have a prostrate wattle which i imagined as a cascade of yellow but it has never flowered, such a shame. it's a great plant anyway, beautiful blue-grey foliage,.
sorry about your step mum, i hope she recovers well

Gig said...

I love your tree Jo, thanks for sharing with us. I have not been around as much, so busy with the grandkids...hubby and work...just like everyone else.

I hope your step mom is doing better soon.


bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
That is a beautiful wattle tree....
one make your mornings great just by looking at it!!!
sorry to hear about your stepmom. I'll be crossing my fingers for your step mom..
love and ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Hi Jo,

I'm so late, forgive me. I smiled when I saw the wattle. Your hubby posted a comment for me, what seems like ages ago now, when we lost our tree. It was about the wattle. What a gorgeous tree, and it does that in winter!? Wow. Love it.

I was so sorry to here about your step mum (I use mum because I love the sound of it!). I hope she recovers quickly and that life isn't a struggle for her or the family.

How's work? Hope everything's okay and that you're enjoying life.

Much love to all,
Suze XO

Cecile said...

hey Jo,
I'll try to keep Mr. Kookie Bear in line from now on over at the Onion. Like everyone else, I hope Step Mum is better. I've never seen or heard of a wattle tree, so the photo is very interesting to me.