Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Prize won for me by Kooka

This is what we won at our church fair. I have waited years
to win this. Mark bought 3 more tickets at the last minute.
It was a bit embarrassing as Mark was asked to draw out the raffle ticket.
To his dismay he said it was his ticket. He asked if he should draw another ticket.
I hoped that he wouldn't draw another raffle ticket and luckily everyone said that he won it fair and square.


Gig said...

Congrats on your win Jo!!
The flowers (pansies?)are just beautiful!! I am glad that it is warm somewhere, cuz it was mighty chilly (17 degrees) here this morning, brrr.

Enjoy your awesome prize!


Leah said...

Gorgeous! that's a funny story, too.

kylie said...

thats gorgeous, jo
i'd have to give it to someone who didnt run the risk of killing it!

enjoy :)

and have a great week

Cece said...

Beautiful Pansy's.