Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sydney Holiday

Helen and I at Melbourne Airport waiting to board our plane.

The first person to greet us on our first night in Sydney was our dear blogger friend, Kylie!

On my first morning I awoke to this view of the dust storm from my hotel room.

Pictures taken from a Sydney Harbour ferry during the dust storm.

Helen and I with our five dollar sunnies which we bought in Manly after crossing the harbour on the ferry.

During my holiday to Sydney I stayed with my birth mother, Sandra and her husband, Henry at their home in Halliday's Point; two hours north of Newcastle.

Some views of Halliday's Point. Oh look how blue it is!

Some pelicans at Forster waiting for the fishermen to return with their catch. This village is called 'Foster' even though it is spelt F-o-r-s-t-e-r. If you say the name, 'Forster' the locals know that you're a tourist!


Anonymous said...

Jo- beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. (and thanks for the tip re pronunciation of 'Forster'!) It's great to see the places that other people are visiting- one of the things I like about blogging.

I hope the trip was all you had hoped for. Congrats to you too BTW on your anniversay :)

Word veri- 'bomsbac' ??

kylie said...

you're so cool in the sunnies!

seems like you had a great trip. the dust will be memorable and i certainly enjoyed meeting you both

love to you all

kylie said...

i look like a bag lady with all my stuff!
thanks for putting me in there

i gotta meet mark next!

bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
Thank you for sharing all these pictures... How sweet to meet our Kylie.. am sure you all had a great time..
have a great week.
♥ & ((hugs))

Joyful Jo said...

I really enjoy looking at your photos of where you come from so i thought others might like to see a bit of Australia.
The trip lived up to my expectations and everything went without a hitch.

you don't look like a bag lady at all and we enjoyed meeting you.

it was certainly great meeting Kylie after all this time and we had an enjoyable trip.