Saturday, August 22, 2009

University Open Day

Helen and I went to the open day for Melbourne University and looked at the music department. We took these photos with our new camera :)

On our way we passed the National Gallery of Victoria.

Here is the sign for the Open Day.

When we arrived, we saw students protesting against the government's decision to change the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts), which is the arts section of the university.

The open day was an interesting and educational experience. We took an iconic Melbourne tram back to Flinders Street station and went home.


kylie said...

uni already??

how time flies!!

glad you had a good day

Leah said...

Great pictures! How well I remember visiting colleges with my parents as a prospective student. I felt adventurous, nervous, and excited all at once.

Anonymous said...

I live your pictures- hope the new camera means we will be getting more. Hope Helen enjoyed her visit- will she be visiting any other unis?

Debbie in CA : ) said...

So exciting! I remember my first glimpse of UCLA. I was smitten.

Best wishes as decisions are made and roads taken. I can't wait to read of the next step.

Nice pics!

Suzanne said...

Debbie, you went to UCLA? I went to UCLA! Ha!!!

College. I love the photo of the student protest of the arts. Budget cuts always trample one's spirt. Good for them. I hope they won a small victory.

Jo, wasn't it just yesterday Helen was blogging with us and a wee teen. What happened? Before you know it you and Mark will be grandparents and we'll be aunts and uncles. That's just crazy! Honey, do you really think she should be leaving home?! A college education is waaaaaaaaaaaay overestimated!

Love you,
XO ;)

Anonymous said...
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