Friday, June 19, 2009

Illness in the family

Sorry i haven't been around much lately. Helen has been on the computer and i couldn't be bothered asking her to get off. although i did ask her to let me check my emails.
Also Helen is still recovering from the influenza plus swine flu. We went to the doctor to see if she might have glandular fever. Results are in but it is no. she has borderline iron deficiency, thyroid levels are down and are being further tested.
I was getting panicky as her operation is 29Th June for her wisdom teeth.
I have applied for two days Carer's Leave. I wanted 3 days but work is having accreditation done on the 1st and 2ND July. I was told they might want to speak to me about how we clean the rooms and infection control. The other cleaner is Greek and her English is not always good enough so I bet it will be me. As i also clean the dementia unit i have to be careful with the infection control. They probably won't approach me. Needless to say the charge nurse got excited when i said Helen's op may be cancelled as she wanted me in the two days before. Of course my leave has been posted on the board for someone to fill in but of course no one wants to do it.
Adding to all of this Mark's blood pressure is high and he is on the highest dosage he can be on. Last week he had to wear a 24 hr blood pressure monitor. He started going to Gym every night this week which was a worry as i said that he should wait until the results came back. I said if you want to have a stroke or heart attack go right ahead.


kylie said...

hi jo
i hope it all works out neatly for you.
i guess helen will be on those awful iron capsules. good luck with that
i also hope mark's blood pressure improves. the exercise will probably be good for him but he probably should be checking with the doc
are you listening mark????????

take care and enjoy your weekend

Suzanne said...

Oh good Lord. Wow. I hope Helen is all better soon. There's nothing worse than seeing a child ill. Tell her I'm thinking about her and give yourself a hug as well. I do understand.

And Mark. Honey, do you think HBP is caused by what he eats or stress? Let me know and I'll suggest a few things. I'm under enormous stress, but I eat so well my BP is remarkably good and always has been.

Exercise is good. It releases endorphines, reduces stress, and keeps one fit! I wouldn't discourage Mark from exercising. I would encourage him to walk however. Even a mile. Walking is so thereaputic and gentle on the body. You might suggest it while he's lazing around demanding dinner! Oh, and I don't know if you have Kashi in Australia, but it's a really great ceral to have with a banana in the morning. Sounds like Mark could use it. Yes of course I'd write this all to Mark if I could. You know I can't comment on a Google coment page. What's up with that?!

Love you so. Your an amazing woman. Marks, Helen and the kitties are all lucky.


P.S. Hang in there!
P.P.S. My WV is Notie. Is that like Blottie!? Oh, did you hear, we have a new Blottie. Megan!

Suzanne said...

Okay, so I just saw your comment over on Kylie's blog. No exercise for Mark. Honey, why do you think his BP is so high?


bindhiya said...

Dear Jo,
am crossing my fingers for Mark and Helen..
love & ((hugs))

Cece said...

Thanks for the comment on my vacation pics. Please Give Helen a get well soon wish for me. I've had to have my wisdom teeth surgically removed, therefore, I know her pain!

Cece said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, I havn't been around for a while, just catching up with people. I hope Helen's op goes well, and worried to hear about Mark's blood pressure. Suzanne's advice sounds good. Mark..listen to your wife and check with the doc! Sounds like you could all do with a good long holiday- hope you've got one planned.

Lotsa love to you all xxx