Saturday, February 7, 2009

my burnt garden

This is my rose garden after last week's 40+degrees (105degrees f). the roses were struggling with the drought but i think i have lost them now.



This is what 's left of my standard Fuchsia.

Even the most hardy plants suffered.

This 40 year old camelia might not survive to its 41st year.


Suzanne said...

Baby, when you wash dishes or take a shower, can't you recyle that water for the roses and other plants? I think you can! I know you all must take showers, so can't you just stand in something while doing so and collect the water. Use an environmentally friendly soap and shampoo. It is so sad to see plants die. You know me, it just breaks my heart. Collect, collect, collect. That's my advice! Keep me informed because I'm terribly interested.

When you have time visit my friend Cinnamon. She's in England. She has such a beautiful blog and I know you'll love her. I can't comment on her page because like Mark, she has Google. You probably can. I'm reinstating my blog roll so you can get to her from there or from my comment page. Trust me honey, you won't regret it. Please tell Mark and Helen I love them. Hope kittie is fine. Huge hug and kiss. Hope all is well. Love you dear. XO

kylie said...

suze, i gotta tell you temps above 43 kill everything. it doesnt matter what kind of care you give. it is just brutal.

jo, it's good to see you posting, not so good to see this heartbreaking damage. i would still have hope for the roses , theyre tough but only time will tell. try to take it easy today and we'll all look forward to the end of this shocking weather

lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!
So sorry to see your lovely plants struggling- it is like losing a friend when a plant you have nutured succumbs. But don't lose heart- don't underestimate the power of nature to regenerate. You never know- if their roots are deep enough they may come back.
And after all that mulching Mark did!

I guess it's too late to take cuttings?

My mum still has a rose that 'belonged' to her grandfather-she took cuttings every time she moved and it has followed her everywhere.

Love to all:)

I had no idea you couldn't post on my blog- will be over to yours:)

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Suze,Kylie and Cinnamon,

Thank you all for commenting. We have just got back from our shopping centre to walk out into almost 50 DEGREES (113 DEGREES).
Suze we do use our shower water and any other water we may have. As Kylie said this is really brutal heat. Strong northerly hot winds gusting at up to 50kmh!! today. So the damage is not through lack of water. It is mainly wind and extreme heat.
The cats are indoors thankfully. Polo is the sensible one who stays indoors but simba disappeared during last week's heat wave while i was at work. Simba had gone out in the morning. When i got home i couldn't find him and called and called for him knowing that he goes under the house. Finally he surfaced. As it was so hot i worried he had dehydrated. This time he is inside on his back under the air conditioner.

Thanks all for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Phew Jo, I can't imagine it- at least you can put layers on in the cold. Hope it cools down a bit soon x

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, that is terrible. 113 degrees and windy! I'm so sorry about your poor garden. When Kylie commented at the Onion that it was hot, well, I had no idea just how hot she meant...

Cece said...

Hello Mr. Jo,
How does your garden grow? Hopefully, things are not completely burned to a crisp. I hope you all are doing well.

John Terry said...
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